Corporate & Custom Tartan Designs

Corporate & Custom Tartan Designs

Tartan is all about colours and thread counts that make up the ingredients for your design, where we use special dates or incorporated dates in the lines of your tartan to tell your story and inspiration. We start with a base colour, then add your story.

We design custom tartans using key information provided by sports teams, universities, schools, corporate clients, hotel chains, museums, institutions, and retail shops. Once the design is finalized, we can begin weaving your choice of blankets, knee blankets, scarves, and bags using merino and lambswool.

We are a manucaturer of the TV series Outlander the Series by Sony Pictures.

Over the years, we have teamed up with Château Frontenac, the Heritage Museum, Maligne Lake and many more to create exclusive tartan designs featuring historical dates and brand colours.

Start designing your organization's custom tartan today!