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Highland Juniper Lime Shaving Soap

Highland Juniper Lime Shaving Soap

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Patrick King Woollen Company

Our shaving soap is handmade with a base of skin-nourishing emollient oils for a creamy lather and smooth shave.

A juniper-fragranced shaving soap in a weighty glass jar with an embossed aluminium screw-cap lid. Antiseptic, purifying, clearing and cleansing; juniper oils detoxifying qualities are known to help purify skin. When applied as an astringent, juniper oil helps to firm and tighten the facial skin. It is also reputed to be good for skin that's prone to the occasional blemish. Used with warm water and a shaving brush, this traditional hard soap will produce a creamy lather.

The natural oils used in this traditionally handmade shaving soap have been carefully chosen for their superior moisturising qualities. The combination of Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter produce a creamy skin-soothing low lather, not a long-lasting frothy foam. So if you're after a highly 'foaming' soap, our natural shaving soap may not be for you!

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